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Heads up, everyone!

Big changes will be made on the site very soon.

Stay tuned!

-ACXYZ (08/20/2020 3:01 AM)

[Flash Gallery] has been added!

It's a page where some flash files I found online end up. If you click on the preview image, you can watch the flash animation!
On some browsers, you might have to manually enable it when it asks you to.

If you want to suggest some to be uploaded, you can email me here. Stay safe!

-ACXYZ (06/08/2020 7:59 PM)

Collabing with a few other dudes, we've made a webpage for our new project, Roadblox Studios!

It's a site where we record footage from Goodblox used to recreate content similar to ones back in 2009,
where people made bloopers, funny clips, and etc. If you wanna check it out, click here if you're interested.


-ACXYZ (04/19/2020 3:01 AM)

Hello everybody, I hope you're all safe from COVID-19!

I'm gonna start making additions to the site, as well as possibly starting a FTP server.
If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.
Hope you have a great day!

-ACXYZ (04/03/2020 5:35 PM)

Hi, welcome to my webpage! I run the Imageboard aswell as doing other stuff. Although its not much, it can get interesting.
Just behave well, and other than that, knock yourself out. :)

-ACXYZ (02/04/2020 9:00 PM)

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